Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

It wasn’t too surprising that I decided to create a homemade gift for my husband for our first wedding anniversary (seen here and here), especially since “paper” lends itself quite well to a homemade gift.  What did surprise me is that he created a homemade gift as well!

For a long time, we had been talking about creating a world map pin board to keep track of all the places we’ve traveled.  We both absolutely love to travel, and have actually been to a surprising number of places together since we’ve known each other.  We are also planning a five-ish month round-the-world trip for next year, so we definitely wanted somewhere to keep track of all the places we are going to visit.  And that is exactly what my husband made for me for our anniversary!

He bought an inexpensive cork pin board at an office supply store and ordered a 99-cent map of the world on Amazon.  (He actually ordered two of them, in case he messed up the first – smart man, because he did in fact need to use the second one.)  His plan was then to glue the map to the cork board and be done.  Unfortunately, the map was a little larger than the cork board, so he had to cut it down a little.  Hence why Hawaii and Alaska are half missing:


But alas, those are the trials and tribulations of DIY!  (Did I really just say “alas”?!?!)

So far, we decided to just put pins on the places we’ve visited together (red) and the places we’ve lived together (yellow).  Just looking at the pictures below, I’m already noticing a few places we forgot about (like San Diego, which we’ve been to a million times together!).  Which brings up another reason this map is fun – it helps you remember all of the fun trips we’ve been on, when otherwise, those might just accidentally get deleted from our memory banks.  We’re debating placing pins on all the places we’ve been independently as well, since our board is a little sparse right now.  Maybe we’ll save that project for a rainy day…

And finally, here is a picture of our sunroom, where we proudly hung the world map pin board, so that we could see it every day.

Anyone else’s husband ever surprise them with a homemade present?  And one that turned out surprisingly well?  I didn’t even know my husband had it in him to be so crafty!!