Cozy, Inviting, Warm…

If I had to choose three words to describe the feeling I’d like to have in my house, those would be the three.




A cozy reading nook.  A patio at night with a comfortable seating area, candles, and strings of lights hanging around a pergola.  A romantic bedroom.  A comfortable couch where you curl up with your husband, a blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate and watch a movie.  A fireplace in winter.  A rustic ski cabin.

These are all of the images that come to my mind when I think of those three words: inviting, warm, and cozy.

When friends and family walk into my house, I want them to feel right at home.  Like they can just plop down on the couch, put their feet up, and stay as long as they’d like.  Like they don’t have to worry about spilling something or bumping into something or knocking something over.  Nothing in the house should be so valuable that it can’t be touched or sat on or enjoyed.  That’s the feeling I’d like to have in my house.

Here is some inspiration from around the web.  Cozy.  Inviting.  Warm.

{Source: Real Simple}

{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Aiken House & Gardens}

{Source: Apartment Therapy}

p.s., I apologize for the posting hiatus.  I decided to undertake a stenciling project in my bathroom, had several complete breakdowns over it, decided to give up DIY forever, finally powered through it, and will share some posts soon.

p.p.s., This post is part of the FFA (Fearlessly Finding Awesome) Challenge #1: Catch a Dream from the incredibly awesome blog Vintage Revivals.