The 12 Days of Craft-mas

November is over, the Thanksgiving leftovers are all eaten (or thrown out by now, I hope!), Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, and now it’s time for Christmas!!!  The lights are going up all around our neighborhood, the Christmas tree vendors are setting up in empty parking lots, and I have at least 5 office holiday parties on my calendar already.

This year for Christmas, I will be presenting a series of posts called “The 12 Days of Craft-mas” (clever, no?).  Between now and Christmas day, I’ll be blogging on twelve different Christmas crafts (ack, that’s one every other day!!!).  Nothing like throwing out a deadline to the whole world to keep me on schedule!  These will include decorations, ideas for homemade gifts, and maybe even some cooking thrown in for fun.  And all will be quick, easy, and low-cost.  After all, we’re all on a budget and constant time crunch, aren’t we?

Here’s some inspiration I’ve been digging up over the last couple of months (yep, that’s right, months – I’ve been pinning Christmas stuff since July).  And I also have some other secret ideas up my sleeve…


  1. Christmas magnets
  2. Homemade liqueur
  3. Spray painted vases
  4. Christmas coasters
  5. Mod Podge Christmas frame
  6. Etched snowflake glasses
  7. Pine cone wreath
  8. Toilet paper tube glitter snowflake
  9. Glitter foam trees
  10. Photo taken at a thrift store in Martha’s Vineyard
  11. Painted pine cone centerpiece
  12. Cranberry garland centerpiece
  13. Joy Christmas frame

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